Inclusive Sans

I find choosing and combining fonts a bit of a chore. But, when I read about a new accessibility focussed font, I knew I had to try it.

I'm talking about Inclusive Sans, available from Google Fonts. The text you're reading right now is rendered using Inclusive Sans, and I find it very easy to read.

The website of the font lists all the thinking that went into designing this font and optimising for readability, such as having a clear distinction between certain characters. I personally appreciate the clear distinction between 0 and O as that's not very apparent for a lot of fonts.

After a chat about dyslexia at the Accessibility forum at work, it seems like this sort of font can be useful for dyslexia. Another font that was shared around was Atkinson Hyperlegible. I'm done with playing around with fonts for now though, and will be sticking with Inclusive Sans.