My professional new year's resolutions for 2024

I'm not a big fan of New Year's resolutions. Well, this was an easy post 🙌🏻

Jokes aside, I think my dislike of them is not in the goal setting. I think having some goals gives you direction and helps guide you. However, I don't like how they're sometimes used as a way to make people feel bad about themselves. I will always be kind to myself with setting goals and in general in life.

So with that in mind, here are my loose 2024 goals:

Blog more (from the heart) #

I'd like to improve my writing skills and also my ability to explain things I've learned. But also to record things for my future self.

By "from the heart" I mean I'd like to loosen up a bit and add some of my personality to these posts. I'm keeping it profesh but I can also crack some jokes. This works well for others so I'd like to start doing more of this. Also, more emojis! 😺

How will I achieve this? As a starting point, I'd like to publish a post each week in January.

Do at least one more accessibility course #

I really enjoyed taking a basic accessibility course last year. This year, I've got my eye on 2 other courses:

Learn Web Components #

I've already started this by reading a couple of articles from the 12 days of Web calendar, as well as HTMHell. I will record my learning on this blog. If I understand the Shadow DOM by next year, I'll consider this a win!

Don't burn out #

At the end of 2023, I was feeling tired. I was thinking about work constantly and that told me I'm close to burning out. A 2 week break was good and I'm now getting back into things but also keeping my boundaries. I'd like to continue separating work and life more in 2024 to keep myself healthy and happy.

Don't try and fix everything #

I have a tendency to try and solve every problem at work, which can be a lot. I think it's partially a control issue, but also people pleasing. I will need to trust that others can also do things just as well and not get involved in everything.